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Scores of workers hired to help clean up the beaches, wetlands, or water vessels affected by the BP Gulf Coast oil spill of 2010 have suffered the following medical conditions as a result:

Problematic conditions of the skin (serious outbreaks, rashes, etc.)

  • Problematic conditions of the skin (serious outbreaks, rashes, etc.)
  • Respiratory problems
  • Chronic irritation or burning sensations in the eye
  • Problems of the ear, nose, or throat

If this describes your situation, you can receive a free medical review of your BP oil spill related injury.

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You may qualify if you fall under the following groups that have been seriously impacted by the BP oil spill disaster:

  • Cleanup workers
  • Property owners
  • Residents
  • Local businesses


Compensation should be available through the proposed BP oil spill disaster settlement fund set aside for individuals in each of these groups, and prompt filing of a claim can help eligible claimants maximize their recovery.

Dr. Greg Vigna, Life Care Solutions Group founder and creator of the free portal has  partnered with top medical experts and law firms that can help you obtain fair and timely compensation from the BP oil spill compensation fund if you qualify.