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Following the tragic events of the BP Oil Spill, many workers who developed serious health complications as a result of their oil spill recovery efforts have begun seeking help from BP Oil Spill Lawyers. For these workers will be an invaluable tool for finding resources on the proposed BP funds for oil spill victims, ongoing Gulf oil spill news and current BP Oil Spill payments. Should legal action be necessary, injured workers may also use the portal to help determine their BP lawsuit claim eligibility.

Going all the way back to December of 1998, the BP oil spill timeline begins with the construction of the Deepwater Horizon oilrig in South Korea. In 2001 the rig was deployed in the Gulf were it operated without issues until April 20th, 2010 when Deepwater Horizon caught fire in an explosion and eventually sank two days later. BP oil spill facts and figures show that in the early days after Horizon's sinking, the well leaked 5,000 barrels of crude oil per day into the Gulf of Mexico. In all 210 million gallons of crude poured into the Gulf during the 87 days it took to plug the well. Over 30,000 workers responded to help with the cleanup. These are overwhelming BP oil spill statistics.

As British Petroleum (BP) scrambled to find solutions to the thousands of barrels of oil Horizon was pumping directly into the Gulf of Mexico, the fuel giant turned to the American working class to spearhead their oil spill response efforts. Most employees hired to clean up oil were mislead about the side effects oil spill recovery methods, such as dispersing and gelling biological agents, would have on their health. The Oil Spill Recovery Act sets aside funds for North West Florida, one of the hardest hit areas, however other funds are available to workers and volunteers across the Gulf States.

Without drawing money from a BP compensation fund, low paid oil cleanup workers now face lasting medical challenges that may be financially overwhelming to treat. Outside of the fund set up to provide relief to local businesses and homeowners negatively impacted by the Horizon Oil Spill, a second BP Oil Disaster Fund has been proposed for workers. The fund draws from the existing $20 billion set aside by BP for businesses and residents. Those with personal injury and health problems associated with the spill's cleanup may file BP fund claims.

Judges have already determined that BP must pay oil spill costs. As part of the original disaster fund, BP oil spill payouts were awarded to business owners who lost profit, employees that were unable to work resulting in lost wages, and residents whose property was damaged. BP oil spill lost wages primarily affected those working in hospitality and the fishing industries. British Petroleum has paid nearly $8.2 billion in various claims to individuals and businesses since May 2010.

For workers who are experiencing problematic conditions of the skin, respiratory complications, chronic irritation or burning sensations of the eyes, or troubles of the ear, nose, or throat as a result of oil clean up techniques, Deepwater Horizon litigation may be the best way to recover monetary compensation. These workers may have been deployed to clean oil from beaches, wetlands, or water vessels in the aftermath of the BP Oil Spill. When injured or ill workers set out to select a law firm it is vital to seek one that will work toward a full BP lawsuit settlement so that the compensation recovered will fully cover all medical bills and treatment needed.

Many attorneys claim to be oil spill lawyers but not all are equally suited to represent you in a Gulf oil spill lawsuit. The BP Oil Spill attorneys of have both medical and legal backgrounds and can fully understand all aspects of injured worker cases. Greg Vigna, M.D. J.D., the founder of the Life Care Solutions Group, is also a certified life care planner whose experience in calculating the lifelong total cost of care will help clients to receive an accurate judgment from the BP Settlement Fund.

The Life Care Solutions Group established this Gulf Oil Spill information center as a go-to tool for disaster workers seeking the latest facts on the oil spill and litigation surrounding the event. Through the online Gulf Oil Spill information portal one can request a complementary medical evaluation for health complications caused by oil recovery efforts or contact a lawyer for a free case review. Please see our company blog for ongoing Horizon news coverage and the most up to date gulf oil spill information.