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Does BP Have Valid Cause to Reject Some Injury Claims?

The BP Gulf Oil Spill Help Desk answers the question many injured response workers from the 2010 oil spill have. "

Does BP Have Valid Cause to Reject Some Injury Claims?contact
Does BP Have Valid Cause to Reject Some Injury Claims?

01/09/2014 // BP Oil Spill Claim Website // Greg Vigna

In the aftermath of the 2010 massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, many injured response workers were left with questions about their legal right to compensation. With settlement funding being provided to residents and business owners who sustained damages amid the chaos, many of those who responded to the call to help cleanup the disaster and were injured, still wonder today why they’ve been denied fair compensation. However, as new information surfaces about the legal battles faced by even those who qualify for the settlement funding set aside by the oil giant, more response workers are seeing that it’s not that their claims are invalid, as the battle for restitution has been challenging for many.

Recently, BP made headlines for its efforts to block settlement payouts to some businesses who have claimed losses.

BP: Ruling imposes ‘vast and unjustified costs’

“BP on Monday renewed its request for a federal appeals court to permanently block settlement payments to businesses that can't trace their losses directly to the company's 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.”

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The request to the federal appeals court came following a decision by a federal judge to reject the company’s causation arguments.

Judge rules against BP in spill-settlement dispute

“U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier said in his ruling that the settlement was designed to avoid the delays that would result from a "claim-by claim analysis" of whether each claim can be traced to the spill.”

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Although BP has boasted about its efforts to help restore what many have lost as a result of the unprecedented damage caused by the spill, some suggest the company bringing legal actions to block settlement payments are contradictory to their claims. Legal experts, health officials, and others who believe BP has no valid cause to try and reject claims made by anyone who was harmed by the spill continue to advocate for those fighting for what is fair.

For response workers still waiting for help obtaining compensation the battle seems to be uphill, however, there are advocates fighting for their rights as well. The BP Gulf Oil Spill Help Desk is one resource available to response workers who were injured during the cleanup process and need help assessing their medical and legal options. Injured oil spill response workers can contact the help desk today for information on how to receive help.

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